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Autographed DB Cooper Sketch

Autographed DB Cooper Sketch

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This is an 11" X 8 1/2" FBI sketch of DB Cooper autographed by seven well-known people related to the case. Limited quantity of 20 available. Autographs are from:

> Bill Mitchell -- Passenger on Flight 305 who sat directly across from DB Cooper.

> Catherine Scott -- Daughter of Flight 305 Captain, the late William Scott.

> Brian Ingram -- The then young boy who found $6000 of DB Cooper's ransom buried along the Columbia River.

> Cliff Ammerman -- Seattle Air Traffic Controller who managed Flight 305 and the military chase jets.

> Larry Carr -- Former FBI agent who headed the NORJAK investigation and opened the case up to the public.

> Tom Kaye -- Scientist granted special access to the FBI evidence twice and discovered the tie particles and diatoms on the ransom money.

> Eric Ulis -- Random dude involved in the case.

Proceeds from the $55 price are being directed towards the current DNA initiative designed to sequence DB Cooper's DNA.

Shipping is included in the price.

Limited quantity of 20 available.

Allow approximately three weeks for shipping as the autographs are currently being collected.


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